World Summit on Evolution

Importante evento nel 2005.

Importante evento nel 2005. World Summit on Evolution, June 9-12, 2005. San Cristobal, Galapagos Dal sito web: We are pleased to announce the World Summit on Evolution in the Galapagos, June 9-12, 2005. This conference will be held on Ecuador’s Galapagos archipelago, the islands that helped spark Darwin’s revolutionary ideas that changed how we view the Earth and all of its species. The concept of evolution has itself evolved. Through a series of presentations and discussions we will ask the outstanding leaders in evolutionary science the big questions: What is the evidence for the theory of evolution? How has each field and their respective approaches deepened our understating? And where are the future horizons? Bringing together international experts and students for debate in this supremely special location will help us answer these questions and hopefully lead to decisions that will shape the direction of evolutionary science in the foreseeable future.