Call for submission – Congresso SIBE, 28-31 agosto Trento


Il 4 marzo apriranno le registrazioni e le submission degli abstract per il V Congresso della SIBE, previsto a Trento tra il 28 e il 31 agosto 2013

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the Italian Society for Evolutionary Biology (SIBE) will meet in Trento at the end of August for a four days long congress covering diverse aspects of evolution.

The congress aims at being extremely interdisciplinary and targeted to evolutionists and to other scientists, particularly PhD students, willing to get in touch with evolution. Confirmed symposia will cover  “Paleobiology and Paleobiodiversity”, “Evolutionary applications to agriculture and biosystems”, “Evolutionary Medicine”, “Genome Evolution”, and “Evolutionary processes and biodiversity”. On Saturday 31 there will be a “Wallace day” at MUSE dedicated to communicating evolution to the public, including a symposium on “Museums and Evolutions”.

Confirmed speakers and chairs include: Mike Benton (Bristol Uni), Andres Moya (Valencia Uni), Mike Bruford (Cardiff Uni), Krystal Tolley (SANBI South Africa), Ivan Scotti (INRA AG), Manuela Sironi (IRCCS), Silvio Renesto and Giorgio Binelli (Uni Insubria), Giorgio Bertorelle (Uni Ferrara), Evelyn Kustatscher (Naturmuseum SudTirol), Cristina Lombardo and Marco Ferraguti (Uni Milano), Maurizio Casiraghi (Uni Bicocca), Marco Ferrari (FOCUS), Stefano Mazzotti (Museo Ferrara), Olivier Jousson (Uni Trento), Massimo Bernardi and Michele Menegon (MUSE), Gianfranco Anfora, Duccio Cavalieri, Heidi Hauffe, Carlotta de Filippo, Lino Ometto, Omar Rota-Stabelli, Caludio Varotto, Cristiano Vernesi (Fondazione Edmund Mach).

There will be plenty of space to present your research as talk or poster. Moreover, there will be a dedicated “PhD symposium” with flash presentations, and awards for the best poster, the best PhD talk, and for the best talk from an under 35.

The congress results from the collaboration between SIBE, Fondazione Edmund Mach, MUSE Trento Science Museum, and the University of Trento. It will be held in the historical town of Trento, in the heart of the Italian Alps, a region well renowned for its excellent wine, famous apples, and beautiful dolomites mountains, Trento is easy accessible by train from Verona (1 hour), south Germany (4 hours), Austria (3 hours), Milan (3 hours), and from the rest of Europe with Verona and Milan airports. The congress dinner will be held on Friday 30 at the new Science Museum MUSE designed by Renzo Piano.

Official language of the congress will be English, and we encourage the participation of researchers and students from outside Italy. We anticipate a low congress fee of 70 euro for PhD and postdocs, and free entrance for undergraduates. Registration and abstract submission opens March 4. For any query, interest, suggestions on symposia or proposal of satellite events, please contact one of the local organizer:,,,

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