Evolution: Education and Outreach – dicembre 2013


E’ finalmente disponibile online e liberamente scaricabile l’ultimo numero della rivista diretta da Niles e Gregory Eldredge, con interessanti paper sul rapporto tra scienze e fede

Teaching the role of mutation in evolution by means of a board game
André Eterovic, Charles Morphy D Santos 
Integrative cases for teaching evolution
Peter JT White, Merle Heidemann, Miles Loh
Teaching undergraduate students to draw phylogenetic trees: performance measures and partial successes
Aimee K Young, Brian T White, Tara Skurtu 
Does evolution compromise Christian faith? R. J. Asher’s Evolution and Belief
Egbert Giles Leigh Jr 
Geeking out with Darwin
Glenn Branch 
Canadian and Pakistani Muslim teachers’ perceptions of evolutionary science and evolution education
Anila Asghar 
Incorporating the current sixth great mass extinction theme into evolution education, science education, and environmental education research and standards
Ron Wagler 
Do mudskippers and lungfishes elucidate the early evolution of four-limbed vertebrates?
Ulrich Kutschera, J Malcolm Elliott 
To teach is to learn: high-school students, local university and informal science educators collaborate in communicating science to the public
Veronica Padovani, Carlyn S Buckler
Is Oklahoma really OK? A regional study of the prevalence of biological evolution-related misconceptions held by introductory biology teachers
Tony B Yates, Edmund A Marek 
Effects of evolutionary history on adaptation in bean beetles, a model system for inquiry-based laboratories
Christopher W Beck, Lawrence S Blumer, Jakob Habib 
From bacteria to Saint Francis to Gaia in the symbiotic view of evolution
Massimo Debernardi, Emanuele Serrelli 
The variables related to public acceptance of evolution in the United States
Benjamin C Heddy, Louis S Nadelson 
Muslims and evolution: a study of Pakistani physicians in the United States
Donald Everhart, Salman Hameed