Evolutionary Biology. Special issue on Evolutionary Patterns


Interessante numero speciale della rivista Evolutionary Biology sulle dinamiche evolutive

Evolutionary Biology
Volume 43, Issue 4, December 2016
Special issue on Evolutionary Patterns
Issue Editors: Nathalie Gontier


Guest-Editorial Introduction: Converging Evolutionary Patterns in Life and Culture
Nathalie Gontier Pages 427-445

How to Rethink Evolutionary Theory: A Plurality of Evolutionary Patterns
Telmo Pievani Pages 446-455

Genealogies: Pedigrees and Phylogenies are Reticulating Networks Not Just Divergent Trees
David A. Morrison Pages 456-473

Lateral and Vertical Transfer in Biology, Linguistics and Anthropology: An Account of Widely Neglected Ideas in the Formation of Evolutionary Theories
Frank Kressing Pages 474-480

Cultural Evolution: A Review of Theory, Findings and Controversies
Alex Mesoudi Pages 481-497

Navigating Disciplinary Boundaries: Script, Games and the Role of Language
Alex de Voogt Pages 498-505

Origins of Life: Chemical and Philosophical Approaches
Vera M. Kolb Pages 506-515

Patterns and Processes in Cultural Evolution
Michael Bradie, Juan L. Bouzat Pages 516-530

Three Trends in the History of Life: An Evolutionary Syndrome
Daniel W. McShea Pages 531-542

From the Cell to the Ecosystem: The Physiological Evolution of Symbiosis
Ricardo Guerrero, Mercedes Berlanga Pages 543-552

Evolutionary Connectionism: Algorithmic Principles Underlying the Evolution of Biological Organisation in Evo-Devo, Evo-Eco and Evolutionary Transitions
Richard A. Watson, Rob Mills, C. L. Buckley, Kostas Kouvaris… Pages 553-581

Life With or Without Names
M. Casiraghi, A. Galimberti, A. Sandionigi, A. Bruno, M. Labra Pages 582-595

The Symbiotic Self
Jan Sapp Pages 596-603

Time: The Biggest Pattern in Natural History Research
Nathalie Gontier