HumanaMente: Origin and Evolution of Language

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Interamente dedicato all’evoluzione del linguaggio è l’ultimo numero di HumanaMente, rivista di studi filosofici. Tutti i contenuti sono liberamente accessibili online

HUMANA.MENTE – Journal of Philosophical Studies


Issue 27, December 2014

Origin and Evolution of Language


Editors: Francesco Ferretti – Ines Adornetti

Understanding the origin and evolution of language has been defined — rather provocatively — as thehardest problem in science (Christiansen & Kirby, 2003). To be sure, the study of the development of language is a subject that consistently generates great interest and controversy. The interest is largely dependent on the fact that a great part of Western theoretical investigation has attributed the “uniqueness” that characterizes our species to our “talking nature”: language constitutes the element that, more than any others, defines what it is to be human


Francesco Ferretti, Ines Adornetti

Origin and Evolution of Language: a Close Look at Human Nature



Lluís Barceló-Coblijn

On the Relationship between the Air Sacs Loss in the Genus Homo and Duality of Patterning


Teresa Bejarano

From Holophrase to Syntax: Intonation and the Victory of Voice over Gesture


Michael C. Corballis

The Gradual Evolution of Language


Erica Cosentino

Embodied Pragmatics and the Evolution of Language


Peter Gärdenfors

The Evolution of Sentential Structure


José Luis Guijarro

The Origin of Languages. A Constrained Set of Hypotheses


James R. Hurford

What is Wrong, and What is Right, about Current Theories of Language, in the Light of Evolution?


Adrien Meguerditchian, Jacques Vauclair

Communicative Signaling, Lateralization and Brain Substrate in Nonhuman Primates: Toward a Gestural or a Multimodal Origin of Language?


Antonino Pennisi, Alessandra Falzone

Residuals of Intelligent Design in Contemporary Theories about Language Nature and Origins


Ian Tattersall

Language as a Critical Factor in the Emergence of Human Cognition


Jordan Zlatev

Human Uniqueness, Bodily Mimesis and the Evolution of Language


Ines Adornetti

Making Tools and Planning Discourse: the Role of Executive Functions in the Origin of Language


Francesco Ferretti

Travelling in Time and Space at the Origins of Language




Alessandra Chiera

Origins of Human Communication

by Michael Tomasello





Silvia Felletti

The Recursive Mind. The Origins of Human Language, Thought, and Civilization

by Michael C. Corballis


Serena Nicchiarelli

More than Nature Needs. Language, Mind, and Evolution

by Derek Bickerton