Il pensiero del Papa sull’evoluzionismo


La rivista di teologia Euntes Docete pubblica questi due articoli sul pensiero del Papa sull’evoluzionismo e sui rapporti tra le religioni e l’evoluzione a cura di Zycinski J. Arcivescovo di Lublino, Urbaniana University Press, Roma I fondamentalismi e l’evoluzione Euntes docete, 2003 , vol. 56 , n. 2 , pag. 145 – 152 L’evoluzionismo secondo il pensiero di Giovanni Paolo II Euntes docete, 2003 , vol. 56 , n. 1 , pag. 59 – 67 John Paul II, since the time when he was archbishop of Cracow, used to have an intense dialogue with the world of science. As a pope, he has many times showed – when meeting with The Pontifical Academy of Science – his thought about the question of the evolution. In a time when all scientific researches reach a common point by stating that the Universe is in a ongoing evolution, one can no longer think that this theory is a pure hypothesis. There is a vast number of theories on evolutionism and not all have a philosophical foundation: this does not mean that we can elude such a question. The Pope shows that the Christian principle of “ongoing creation”, that dates back to St. Augustine, and the approach of the modern evolutionistic theories, can get along well together. He also thinks that it is absolutely necessary to overpass the conflict between faith and science. The Pope’s position, will certainly let down those who still reckon that the world creation must thoroughly coincide with the one found in the Scriptutes