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Ecco il Sommario:The Great Tree of LifePredicting the FutureDivide and ConquerGradual Change vs. DivergenceThe Curse of the Clock RadioSwiss Army Knife ThinkingBad Ideas Never DieThe Great Tree of High-Tech BrandsThe Great Tree of Low-Tech BrandsThe Mystery of the Missing LinksSurvival of the FirstestSurvival of the SecondestThe Power of PruningCreating a CategoryEstablishing an EnemyLaunching the BrandWrapping Things Up Paolo Coccia Paolo

Ecco il Sommario:
The Great Tree of Life
Predicting the Future
Divide and Conquer
Gradual Change vs. Divergence
The Curse of the Clock Radio
Swiss Army Knife Thinking
Bad Ideas Never Die
The Great Tree of High-Tech Brands
The Great Tree of Low-Tech Brands
The Mystery of the Missing Links
Survival of the Firstest
Survival of the Secondest
The Power of Pruning
Creating a Category
Establishing an Enemy
Launching the Brand
Wrapping Things Up

Paolo Coccia