Rivisitazione storica dei concetti di Morfologia Evolutiva in Germania


(Gegenbaur, Meckel, Dohrn, Haeckel, ecc…)
Il fascicolo 2-3 della rivista Theory in Biosciences (maggio 2003, vol. 122) rievoca storicamente gli sviluppi di tale disciplina. Il sommario è il seguente:
Hobetafeld U.; Olsson L.; Breidbach O.. Carl Gegenbaur (1826-1903) and his Influence on the Development of Evolutionary Morphology
Hoszfeld U.; Olsson L.. The History of Comparative Anatomy in Jena – an Overview
Gobbel L.; Schultka R.. Meckel the Younger and his Epistemology of Organic Form: Morphology in the pre-Gegenbaurian Age
Ghiselin M.T.. Carl Gegenbaur Versus Anton Dohrn
Frober R.. The Anatomical Collection in Jena and the Influence of Carl Gegenbaur
Nyhart L.K.. The Importance of the “Gegenbaur School” for German Morphology
Breidbach O.. Post-Haeckelian Comparative Biology – Adolf Naefs Idealistic Morphology
Laubichler M.D.; Maienschein J.. Ontogeny, Anatomy, and the Problem of Homology: Carl Gegenbaur and the American Tradition of Cell Lineage Studies
Mitgutsch C.; Maienschein J.. On Carl Gegenbaurs theory on head metamerism and the selection of taxa for comparisons
Kuratani S.. Evolutionary Developmental Biology and Vertebrate Head Segmentation: A perspective from developmental constraint
Olsson L.. Cell migration, pattern formation and cell fate during head development in lungfishes and amphibians
Coates M.I.. The Evolution of Paired Fins
Grandel H.. Approaches to a Comparison of Fin and Limb Structure and Development