Scientific data sharing: an interdisciplinary workshop


Dal 2 al 4 settembre si terrà ad Anagni un convegno sulla condivisione dei dati scientifici, con particolare riferimento agli aspetti che riguardano la genetica e le scienze ambientali. Iscrizioni aperte e gratuite fino all’1 agosto

September 2-4, 2013
Istituto Italiano di Antropologia and Sapienza Università di Roma in collaboration with Istituto Italiano di Paleontologia Umana
Anagni, Convitto Nazionale Regina Margherita
We announce that the workshop entitled “Scientific Data Sharing: An Interdisciplinary Workshop”, will take place in Anagni, Italy, during the first week of September 2013. Programme
If you are interested in attending the meeting please register here
Attendance is free, but we can accommodate a limited number of  guests and registration (open up to August 1st) is mandatory.
There will be four sessions:  
Open data for Open Science will be concerned with the epistemological foundations of Open Science, with a focus on the Open Data principles and the impact of new technologies on the spread of scientific knowledge.
Data sharing in the scientific practice: experiences from different research fields, in which empirical studies of data sharing practices in different research fields (e.g. archaeology, biodiversity, biomedicine, genomics, psychology) will be presented.
Challenges for data sharing in human Biosciences will be dedicated to the discussion of the barriers to data sharing and what can be done to increase its rate.
Intelligent data openness will be dedicated to the transition from data sharing to data openess and will include the round table “Six questions to understand Open Data”.
The list of speakers include: Neela Enke (Germany), Bernardino Fantini, Ilaria Fava, Andrea Cerroni, Roberto Lattanzi, Daniela Luzi, Fabio Parenti, Deborah Mascalzoni (Italy), Jelte Wicherts (Netherlands), Catherine Heeney (Spain), Geoffrey Boulton, Jennifer Molloy, Alvis Brazma (United Kingdom), Jorge Contreras (USA).
Organizers: Paolo Anagnostou, Marco Capocasa and  Giovanni Destro Bisol