Sliding Doors: Prediction and Contingency in Biosciences


Interessante workshop a Roma: dal 2 al 4 febbraio

Res viva. Interuniversity Center for Epistemology and History of the Life Sciences

Sapienza University of Rome

International Workshop

Sliding Doors

Prediction and Contingency in Biosciences

20th Anniversary of Res viva

February 2-4, 2017 – Villa Mirafiori (Aula XII), Sapienza University of Rome, Italy





Abstracts (alphabetical order


Thursday, February 2

Welcome Addresses


14.00 Opening address

14.10 Stefano Petrucciani (Director of the Department of Philosophy, Sapienza University of Rome)

14.20 Marcello Buiatti (President of Res viva)


Predictability and contingency in physical and biological sciences


14.30 Giuseppe Longo (Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris)
Unpredictable Phase Spaces, or How Future Depends on the Past and on Rare Events in Systems of Life


15.20 Guido Chelazzi (University of Florence)
The Claim of Predictability vs Contingency in Ecology


16.20 Fabio Sterpetti (Sapienza University of Rome)
On the Nature of Natural Selection

16.50 Emanuele Coco (University of Catania)

Harmonies Lost: Philosophy and Delusions in Constructing Nature

17.20 Philippe Huneman (CNRS/Université Paris 1 Sorbonne) 

Making sense of Gould’s Evolutionary Contingency Thesis: issues of Grain and Scales


Friday, February 3

Big-Data and predictability in bio-medicine


9.30 Paolo Vineis (Imperial College of London)
The Tsunami of New Data: Potential for Bias


10.10 Giuseppe Novelli (University of Rome Tor Vergata)
The Bermuda Principles in the Era of Precision Medicine


11.10 Giulia Frezza (Sapienza University of Rome)
Old and New Big Data: of Mice and Men


11.40 Luigi Preziosi (Politecnico di Torino)
Determinism and Stochasticity in Mathematical Modelling for Cell Migration


12.20 Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter)

The Time of Data: Big Data Re-Use and Implications for Predictive Ability in Biology and Biomedicine



The Evolutionary contingency: past and present


15.00 Silvia Caianiella (CNR, Naples) 
Seinesgleichen geschieht: Contemporry Challenge to Evolutionary Contingency

15.40 Sara Campanella (Sapienza University of Rome)
Synthesis and Behavior: a New Role for Selection 


16.10 David Ceccarelli (University of Rome Tor Vergata)
Orthogenetic Predictability: Orderliness and Invariance in Early Macro-Evolutionary Explanations


17.00 Virginie Orgogozo (Institut Jacques Monod, Paris)
Can we Predict Evolution?


Saturday, February 4

Brains and behaviours in ecological frameworks


9.30 Lamberto Maffei (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa/Accademia dei Lincei)
Environment as Therapy


10.10 Carmela Morabito (University of Rome Tor Vergata)
Epigenetics and Development in Cognitive Functions


10.40 Mattia Della Rocca (University of Pisa/University of Rome Tor Vergata)
Prediction Possibility in “Silico-Simulation”?


11.20 Salvatore Maria Aglioti 

(Sapienza University of Rome/Fondazione Santa Lucia, IRCCS)
Virtual W
orlds for Real People


11.55 Dario Martinelli (International Semiotics Institute Kaunas University of Technology)
Estimations, Plans, Narratives: how non-H
uman Animals Deal with the Future and “Possible Worlds


12.40 Elena Gagliasso (Sapienza University of Rome, Director of Res viva)
Concluding remarks

Organizing Committee:
 S. Caianiello, S. Campanella, D. Ceccarelli, G. Frezza, E. Gagliasso 
for information:

The meeting has been funded by PRIN 2012: “Models and Inferences in Science: Logical, Epistemological, and Cognitive Aspects” (20122T3PTZ, DD 18/10/2013, n. 1959), Italian Ministry of Education University and Research, Research Unit Sapienza Università di Roma, coordinated by M. Capozzi