Tentativo di creare un dizionario con i termini piu’ popolari usati nel campo evoluzionistico. Questa e’ una prima lista. Altri termini da aggiungere sono benvenuti. Protagonisti Lyell, Cuvier, Lamarck, Darwin, Huxley, Canestrini, Bonelli, De Filippi, Fogazzaro, Bonaparte, Camerano,……. Concetti -adaptation, allopatric speciation, anagenesis, ancestor, -biocultural evolution, biology, bottleneck effect, biological species concept, -chemical evolution, central dogma, character difference, cladogenesis, common ancestry, continuous variation, crossing over, coevolution, change without speciation, character, Clade, cladogenesis, cladogram, cladistic analysis, convergence, continuous variation, continuous line of descent, -double helix, dna, nucleic acids, diversity, differential reproduction, Darwinian fitness, directional selection, descent with modification, differential survival, -embryogenesis, eukaryotic cell, evolution theory, evolutionary change, evolution, evolutionist, evolutionism, evolutionary tree, extinction, evolutionary rate, evolutionary lineages, -founder principle (or founder effect), fitness, -genetic drift, gene, genotype, gradualism, genetic code, genetic polymorphism, genetics, genic balance theory, -Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, heritable trait, homology, hierarchy, homology, heredity, heritability, homeo-box, -inheritance, interbreeding, -living systems, -macroevolution, microevolution, mutation, monophyletic, morphological species concept, -natural selection, -organism, organogenesis, offspring, -panspermia, paleontology, phenotype, phyletic gradualism, phyletic evolution, Phenotypic variance, phylogeny, point mutation, polymorphism, population genetics, punctuated equilibrium, phylogenetics, phylogenetic tree, prokaryote, -quantitative inheritance, quantitative variation, -Radiation, rapid cladogenesis, reductionism, relationships between organisms, reproductive -success, reproductive isolating mechanism, selection, small population effect, symbiosis, self-organization, speciation, species, synthetic theory of evolution, stasis, survival, systematics, selection differential, selection progress, selection-mutation equilibrium, selfish DNA, sexual selection, sociobiology, survival of the fittest, -taxonomy, -variation