Dal sito di Richard Milner riporto: This original CD contains Richard Milner’s hilarious and thought-provoking songs. CHARLES DARWIN: LIVE & IN CONCERT includes the songs from Richard’s “Darwin” show, including two about Stephen Jay Gould and Jimmy Durante (you heard right!) that were specially commissioned by Michael Shermer’s Skeptics’ Society. The high-quality, digitally mastered CD album features 21 cuts, with 11 songs and runs a full 34 minutes. Milner, an Anthropology Associate at the American Museum of Natural History, is author of “The Encyclopedia of Evolution” and Contributing Editor to Natural History Magazine. Among his fans are Stephen Jay Gould, lyricist Sheldon (“Fiddler on the Roof”) Harnick, Sir David Attenborough, Tony Randall, and members of the Darwin family. If you haven’t heard them, Milner’s songs are something like a mixture of Gilbert & Sullivan, Lerner and Loewe, Stephen Jay Gould, and Tom Lehrer.