Three Misconceptions about Genetics


Giovedì 15 dicembre, all’Università di Padova si terrà un’interessante Special Lecture on Evolution: “Three Misconceptions about Genetics. Determinism, Perfectibility, and Naturalness”. Il relatore sarà il famoso genetista Dan Graur

Special Lectures on Evolution
Giovedì 15 Dicembre 2016

ore 15.00 – Aula H, piano terra,  Fiore di Botta
Università degli Studi di Padova

Three Misconceptions about Genetics
(Determinism, Perfectibility, and Naturalness)

Dan Graur
Department of Biology and Biochemistry
University of Houston

The lecture will attempt to deal with some misconceptions and misinformation campaigns that plague the public discourse on modern genetics. In particular: (1) the myth of determinism, or the claim that “we are our genes,” (2) the myth of perfectibility, or the claim that natural selection can create perfection, and (3) the myth of naturalness, i.e., the claim that “natural” food exists and that consuming “natural” food is the desirable state of humanity.