The new animal phylogeny: The first 20 years

Uno speciale della rivista Organisms, biodiversity and Evolution sui primi venti anni di filogenesi animale

Organisms, biodiversity and Evolution
Volume 16, Issue 2, June 2016

The new animal phylogeny: The first 20 years

Editorial – Twenty years into the “new animal phylogeny”: Changes and challenges
Andreas Wanninger Pages 315-318

Review- How our view of animal phylogeny was reshaped by molecular approaches: lessons learned
Kenneth M. Halanych Pages 319-328

Review – On 20 years of Lophotrochozoa
Kevin M. Kocot Pages 329-343

Review – Current status of annelid phylogeny
Anne Weigert, Christoph Bleidorn Pages 345-362

Review – Review of data for a morphological look on Xenacoelomorpha (Bilateria incertae sedis)
Gerhard Haszprunar Pages 363-389

Review – Acoelomorpha: earliest branching bilaterians or deuterostomes?
Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo, Jordi Paps Pages 391-399

Review – The phylogeny, evolutionary developmental biology, and paleobiology of the Deuterostomia: 25 years of new techniques, new discoveries, and new ideas
Kevin J. Peterson, Douglas J. Eernisse Pages 401-418

Review – New animal phylogeny: future challenges for animal phylogeny in the age of phylogenomics
Gonzalo Giribet Pages 419-426